Our Google Sheets add-on allows you to use API's for tools like GPT-3, Webflow, and Memberstack at scale without code!

Getting Started: How-to Video

Be sure to make a copy of the latest OverfitAI Google Sheets Template and install the OverfitAI Add-on to get started 🚀.

1. Overfit.AI Authentication In Google Sheets

Connect Overfit.AI to your Google Sheet using the =API_OverfitAI formula.
Locate your Overfit.AI API key in your Overfit.AI dashboard.
Upon authentication, you will be able to use the following tools!
Tool Homepage
Use OpenAI's latest AI technology at scale.
Create and edit your live Webflow CMS items.
Update the fields and plans of your Memberstack members.
More tools coming soon!
Last modified 1yr ago